Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day 3: September 13, 2010

“Good luck happens when an opportunity presents itself. Meet it with preparedness.”

Today started at around 10:30, which was way better than our 1 pm wake up the previous morning. Got right in the shower (still suffering a little bit from the jetlag) and that woke me up and got me prepared to see my new college! We left at around 12 and stopped to get sandwiches to jumpstart our energy. It was a really easy drive, taking only an hour from Fermoyle to Maynooth. Unfortunately it was a crummy day, definitely no sun shining but that didn’t stop us from enjoying ourselves. We walked around the south campus, which is the older part of campus, which use to be a ministry. The old buildings were really, really beautiful. After we took a quick look around, we met Roberta (who is in charge of us Saint Mary’s girl, she is a SMC alum) and she gave us the lowdown on what we should expect for the next couple of days. We saw the student center – which has a bar in it, and Meghan and I both really enjoyed that idea! Roberta directed us toward the River Apartments, and luckily we got to sign in and get our room keys to check out our new rooms for the year. First we went to my apartment. I am living in Foyle 6C. I walk in and am greeted by a large (like 6’6) Chinese boy… straight from China, who calls himself “Louis”… like the bag. He was very shy and seemed to be having a little difficulty registering that I was his roommate. It was humorous and of course, if it was to happen to anyone it would be me – considering the experience I have with the Asians from boarding school. After checking out the apartment, which was nice for a college apart… we went right across the way to Meghan’s. She was on the first floor (I was on the 3rd) and her apartment was the first apartment in the building… very convenient. We sat in there for a few minutes and then one of her roommates, Keira (spelling?) came in and was really friendly! We felt that it was time to leave, so we headed back to Longford to do some dorm shopping… I came extremely unprepared for that portion of the trip, but I got most of the things that I need and it wasn’t too expensive! There’s a lot to get use to but I’m staying completely optimistic because I want to be happy and enjoy my time here.. I don’t want to be thinking about the bad things or worry about something that is out of my control. I can’t do that anymore – if someone acts a certain way, or does something – it is out of my control. I deserve to be happy, and I need to surround myself with happiness, even if I’m the one giving it to myself! Happiness is key. Until tomorrow, when I will officially live at Maynooth! X

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